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5 Ways to promote your youtube videos through facebook

YouTube has a huge audience, but that also means it has a large number of content creators jostling to make it to the top. All are in a hurry to gain subscribers and build a strong following so that they can start making a viable income from YouTube. While there are tips and tricks to promote your channel on YouTube itself, you can make your videos popular through other social media websites too. Facebook is the oldest social media giant and there is no reason why you can’t promote your YouTube clips through it.

If you are confused as to how you can promote your YouTube videos through Facebook, you have come to the right place. There are a lot of ways that can be incorporated by you to make your channel a hit among the audience. In this article, you will get a comprehensive look into how you can gain subscribers soon for your channel.


When you are starting as a social media influencer, you should use all the social media sites for your brand. In this way, you won’t just have one income source or following. Sometimes, people can discover you not by YouTube, but Facebook. The Facebook algorithm might consider displaying your profile to the friends of your followers, but there is no such feature on YouTube. So you can target more audience through Facebook for your YouTube channel. With descriptive Facebook posts, you are giving information about the video to appeal to the audience why it will be beneficial for them to watch it. Be it entertainment or informative, descriptive posts give the audience a view of how you see it, which is always appreciated.


With paid ads, you are likely to broaden your audience as ads will target specific people and the click-through rates will skyrocket through the roof. If you are going to buy YouTube views, investing in paid ads is like solidifying the deal that gets you more subscribers in return. With display ads, skippable ads, and non-skippable ads, you have a variety of formats for advertising that will help you gain subscribers for your YouTube channel. You can collaborate with others on Facebook, in the same niche as you or otherwise, and pay for sponsored posts that can get you in front of more people. You can do a Q&A session on Facebook and interact with an audience to convert them to YouTube subscribers.


In ads, you need to be more attractive than normal posts to gain subscribers. Some people disregard ads even if the content is in their niche, so you need to be able to catch their attention. For that, you need to write good titles which make them curious and want to click on the video. You can gain subscribers like this and get more views for your video. If you buy YouTube views, it gives you a higher chance of converting Facebook followers into YouTube subscribers. Catchy captions will also help you do the same.


By using the keywords which are related to your niche or post, you make it possible for your Facebook followers and other audience to discover your post with a simple keyword search. Since you can’t add keywords in a video, by adding them on a Facebook post or the description box of the video, you are increasing your chances of gaining visibility and thereby, gaining subscribers. You should buy YouTube views earlier itself as some people might leave even if they discover your video and end up seeing how few views you have. Take positive actions from the beginning itself, that will bring you sustainable benefits in the future.


Using proper hashtags is a must in any social media circle. While the trend started with Twitter, all the social media giants have managed to incorporate it into their strategy, so you need to utilize its power. Hashtags of your niche will gain subscribers for your channel and get it monetized faster. You can also customize your thumbnails to get more YouTube views. But unless you buy YouTube views, a lot of these tips won’t do you much good as the view count speaks the loudest on YouTube. Start there so you don’t have to worry whether your initial low social presence will impact your channel badly.


Growing a YouTube channel does not happen overnight, you need to work very hard for it. Sometimes it can happen that hard work and timing are not enough, as people now tend to gravitate towards those who already have a fan following. For this, you should buy YouTube views and subscribers, so that your channel’s credibility grows exponentially, and the audience that arrives does not question your authenticity.

These additional tactics for the promotion of your channel on Facebook will surely help you gain subscribers. Build relationships with the subscribers you get after you buy YouTube views. Keep your viewers happy with your content and keep promoting your stuff, YouTube is vast so even a tiny amount of audience could mean big returns for you on all the time you have invested in it. So start preparing the ladder and climb up, the competition is catching up too!

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