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What Does a Business Website Cost?

What Does a Business Website Cost?

Building a good business website will come with some costs. Find out what they are and what you need.

To make your mark online, you need to create a business website. Your website will be most people's first interaction with your brand, and the quality of your website can mean the difference between getting a new customer or losing them to a competitor. While it may sound difficult and expensive to start a business site from scratch, there are options for all budgets and levels of expertise.

What are the basic website building costs?

It's difficult to estimate how much your small business's website will cost from the outset. Numerous factors, at multiple stages in the process, can affect the final price. For example, the hosting company you use may charge differently based on how big and successful your site becomes. Website designs and premade themes can cost upward of $100, while the actual construction of your site could end up costing $4,000 or more, depending on the features you want. The costs will ultimately depend on what you want your site to achieve.

How much does it usually cost to build a business website?

Before you start building your site, you should know that the associated website development cost could be massive. The total cost of your site depends on a wide range of factors, including the domain name and web hosting company you choose, the amount of server space and bandwidth it takes to operate the website, what features you want, and how much it costs to build the site.

Web design and customization: $50-$100

Then, there are the costs for the web design and customization. Unless you have website design expertise and access to your own server, you're going to have to pay for someone's help if you want a bespoke website. Even on platforms like Squarespace and WordPress, which offer pre-generated templates, you'll likely have to pay for those templates, said Samantha Phillips-Varneke, search and social specialist at Kiwi Marketing Group.

"Website designs aren't free," she said. "There's a pretty wide range in theme pricing, but a decent budget is $50 to $100."

Domain name: $10-20 per month

The domain name identifies your business site to potential customers. Users type in a URL (the domain name) and are directed to your website. Although some web hosting providers offer domain names for free, most users pay an annual fee. On average, you'll spend between $10 and $20 per year for a domain name.

Web hosting: $2-$10 per month

Web hosting refers to the server that stores your business website and makes it accessible to those browsing the internet. When you pay a hosting service, the company keeps your content live online.

Functionality: $23-$30 per month

Functionality refers to how your business website works. For example, if you plan to run an e-commerce business website, you will pay a monthly fee for a shopping cart and checkout tools. According to eDesk, you can expect to pay about $23 to $30 per month for e-commerce tools.

CMS: $2,000

CMS stands for content management system, which is software to create and publish content to a website. Businesses can either invest in an on-premises software program or a cloud computing option. On average, a CMS will cost a single investment of at least $2,000.

Though that may seem like a reasonable price, Phillips-Varneke said many templates do not include additional features, like e-commerce functionality or a way for people to subscribe to a newsletter. With that in mind, she said it's important to "know what you're signing up for with any given platform."

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