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What's your #1 content marketing struggle?

 Starting a blog? Thinking of launching a newsletter? Want to get your posts to rank better? Feel like no one's reading your posts? I'm looking to find out what non-marketers are struggling with when it comes to the content they create.

As a content creator (coder and 3d voxel designer), marketing does not come easy at all. One of the hardest parts that I find is actually knowing where to start with marketing, and how to get actual results. There is lots of theory and obvious stuff like website design and SEO, etc... but in reality these days it seems you have to just hit it lucky with big influencers on social media. As we created Voxies  we knew that marketing was our weakest area, but we assumed that just by making something good and high quality this would make up for that shortfall.... this seems to be a problem these days and what we discovered is that marketing probably accounts for around 80% plus of your projects success!

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